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Sox vs. Sox -- White vs. Red -- Garland vs. Wakefield

Good vs. Evil -- Ok, maybe that's a little much, but it sure feels that way at this point. That Scoop Jackson column the other day sure hit the nail on the head. Seems like everyone in White Sox nation is just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I'm not among the hand-wringers. I'm gonna forget about the last three games, when we played like a little league team, head on vacation, reading only boxscores and this site, and come back refreshed and ready for the stretch drive.

I exorcized some demons today. I handn't put Tuesday's sports section, the one with Crede hitting a 3-run bomb against the Tigers, in the recycle bin yet. It had somehow gotten lost underneath my bed. I ran it through the paper shredder just to be safe.

Then I thought to myself, "self, that probably wasn't the right paper to shred. You should shred the papers from the losses." So I dug through the recycle bin for the Sports sections of Wednesday, Thurday, and today, then shredded all of them too. I can't think of anything more that I can do.

It's officail, Frank Thomas is on the DL. I don't think he's hurt that bad. I know he's hurting, but I think this is more of a performance issue. Frank takes great pride in his ability as a ballplayer, and he, along with Ozzie and Kenny, probably feels that he's not helping the team right now. He certainly looks lost the last week plus. Ross Gload finally gets pulled out of exile, just as he was starting to cool off in Charlotte.

Timo Perez will probably be in the line-up again tonight, as Jermaine Dye sits on the bench after being bit by Timo's pet spider.

Update [2005-7-22 19:23:14 by Heads22]:Lineups:
Damon, CF
Renteria, SS
Ortiz, DH
Ramirez, LF
Nixon, RF
Millar, 1B
Mirabelli, C
Mueller, 3B
Graffanino, 2B

Podsednik, LF
Rowand, CF
Everett, DH
Konerko, 1B
Pierzynski, C
Crede, 3B
Perez, RF
Uribe, SS
Harris, 2B