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Offensive Defense

Mark Buehrle relies on his defense to much of his work for him. He works fast to keep them on their toes. He doesn't really strike guys out at a high rate, and pitches to contact. Thursday night, his defense was on vacation.

He's been the victim of poor defense more than any other pitcher on the Sox. It's become something of a trend with Buehrle this season, probably because he puts more pressure on the defense than any other pitcher. Don't believe me? Here's a comparison between Mark Buehrle and the other Sox starting pitcher who puts pressure on his defense, Jon Garland.

RA/9 ERA Buehrle 3.38 2.66 Garland 3.28 3.21

Buehrle actually is allowing more runs per game than Garland this season. But he started the All-Star game essentially because he failed to pitch over his defense's mistakes.

The other night, I was watching the end of the Minnesota-Baltimore game where the O's pissed away a lead in the ninth by not playing sound baseball. I said to myself "self, that is why the Sox have 60+ wins. They don't give games away. They make all the routine plays and the tough ones too." -- Oh how naive I was.

I'd list all the miscues in the game, but I'd have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by the time I was done. There were mistakes on the base paths, at the plate, and most glaringly in the field.

Honestly, I'm going to wipe this game from my memory and head on vacation. The next time I get to watch the Sox, there will be some new faces on the club, and hopefully a renewed swagger too.