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Sox @ Orioles -- Garcia vs. Lopez

This is your gamethread for tonight's game on ESPN. We all know how the Sox perform on the national stage, so I'm not getting my hopes up. I don't have much insightful to offer right now, rather I have a few questions for you guys.

I wasn't able to watch any of the games in the past week plus, so I'm a little out of it. I am, however, watching all of the condensed games right now to get the feel for what has happened.

  • Pierzynski was hitting like .245 when I left. He's at .266. Is he just hot, or has he changed something?
  • So El Duque looked pretty good in his two starts? Fairly impressive since his return from the DL?
  • Bobby Jenks, Everyone still love him?
I'm sure I've got another couple, but I can't think of them right now.

13.5 game lead, I'll take it.

Update [2005-7-31 19:54:57 by The Cheat]: Make that a 14 game lead.

Great news for those of you out there who aren't deaf. We actually get some intelligent analysis on the ESPN broadcast tonight, as Steve Stone fills in for Joe Morgan. [Family conflict (Read: I really don't like Ryne Sandberg, and I'm going to be a big baby about it.)] Stone will be paired with Morgan's usually solid partner Jon Miller. This could be the most listenable Major Network baseball broadcast this season.