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Fireworks Show -- Nomo vs. McCarthy

I'm not going to blame yesterday's debacle in Oakland on anything other than the players. There's no Oakland Curse. If you'd like to beleive so, there's a team 8 miles north that embraces that sort of thing.

What it really was is a bad match up for Mark Buehrle. He, for the most part, pitches to contact. Oakland doesn't have a lot of power hitters, just a lot of guys who put the ball in play an awful lot. Combine those two things with and over the course of 100 fielding chances, and there's bound to be some strange occurances.

The loss made it just the second time all season that the Sox have had to settle for a 1-game 'win streak.'

Congratulations to the two Sox All-Stars and Paul Konerko, who was also named to the game. You can vote for Scott Podsednik, if you're into that sort of thing. (I'm not going to waste my time. Once they have a final 5 that doesn't include a Yankee or Red Sox, then it might be worth my time, but not now.)

Today, the Sox send Brandon McCarthy to the mound against Hideo Nomo and the D-Rays in what figures to be a high scoring affair. Nomo has out-dueled Randy Johnson twice this season. Maybe he likes pitching against tall guys?