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Sox @ Orioles -- Buehrle vs. Cabrera

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Buehrle had a terrible July after winning Pitcher of the Month honors in June. The calender turned to August today, so hopefully we get the good Buehrle again. Cabrera was knocked out of the game in the second inning on a line drive off his hand just a few days ago. He gets the start because the Orioles used two starters last night in their loss to the Sox.

Rumors are flying around Baltimore that Rafeal Palmiero will be hit with a steroid suspension today. WOW! -- He's not in the line up, so there might be some truth to those rumors. Meanwhile, Timo continues to prove that you don't need to take steroids to play major league baseball. He's used his voodoo magic to start his second straight game while leading off. He's is the weatherman of professional baseball. No matter how often he's wrong, he still gets to keep his job, and probably gets a raise every year.

T. Perez lf .231 B. Roberts 2b .326 P. Ozuna 2b .288 E. Byrnes lf .272 C. Everett dh .258 M. Mora 3b .293 P. Konerko 1b .264 M. Tejada ss .324 A.J. Pierzynski c .266 J. Lopez c .269 J. Dye rf .271 S. Sosa dh .235 A. Rowand cf .287 B.J. Surhoff rf .253 J. Crede 3b .256 C. Gomez 1b .278 J. Uribe ss .247 D. Newhan cf .203