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Site Update

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Spurred on by SHAFTR's comment, I thought I would give everyone a formal site update. Since this site started in late April, we've seen a very steady growth, as illustrated by the picture below. Sitemeter lists the last 30 days as having over 10,000 visits and over 30,000 page views.

The easiest way to increase traffic on a site is simply by me posting more often. I've been trying to post about 2-3 times a day in addition to the gamethreads.

My main goal is to attract the right kind of audience. So far, it's working. -- I don't want to be that angry Sox fan, nor do I want to be that guy who has to dissect everything to a bunch of numbers. There's a mix of both in there somewhere, and I hope that resonates within greater Soxdom.

I don't remember if I gave everyone a proper thank you for keeping the site active while I was on vacation. If not, thank you to everyone who contributed. You guys will ultimately determine if this site is successful or not, through your participation in both the gamethreads, discussions, and the diary section.

Speaking of diaries, I'd like to point everyone to a feature of which even I was previously unaware. I don't know how many of you use this site's RSS feed, but there is also a feed for the diary section. -- Click diaries in the upper right hand corner. Then scroll down to the bottom right. You will see all of the feeds for the diaries.

So again, thank you to everyone for participating. Yesterday's game thread was especially fun. I suspect we'll have many more like it as we inch closer to the playoffs. Go Sox!