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White Sox Train Keeps Rollin'

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If I had told you that the Sox were going to go into Yankee Stadium and score just 2 runs in each game, how many wins would you have predicted? Me, I would have said none. But, what do I know.

Since the second inning on Monday, White Sox pitching combined to allow 1 earned run in 25 innings. Not only that, but they threw the 'back end' of the rotation at the Yankees.

Sure the offense sucked, but they got the key hits when they needed them, and with the help of Aaron Rowand the defense was stellar all series.

Rowand became a star this series. With the national spotlight shining on those 'other Sox' facing off against the Evil Empire, Rowand made no less than 6 great defensive plays. Not all of them were flashy. Even on the one where he 'dove,' it was just his momentum that made him get his uniform dirty.

There may have been no flash, no Edmonds-like nonchalance then diving grabs, but there were plenty of times I cried out obscenities prematurely before Rowand turned would-be extra-base hits into routine outs. Rowand's value became all the more evident in the 10th inning, when Bernie Williams showed his age turning a should-be out into a Juan Uribe triple. The contrast was enough to make Yankee fans jealous the only way they know how.

Yankee's fans weren't he only one's who noticed. Baseball Tonight had a highlight package of Rowand web gems, and mentioned him as a Gold Glove candidate. -- Just a few weeks ago, while racking my brain trying to remember the last White Sox Gold Glove winner, I lamented that the Sox just don't get enough media attention to garner Gold Glove votes. I think we may have just seen what a little media attention can do. A couple more nice catches in high profile games, and Rowand can clear some space on the mantle for some new hardware.

That train just keeps rollin'

We are turning back the clock after the game today. Ed Cassin, out terrific manager of team travel, has arranged for our own train to take us from New York to Boston. The 3 1/2-hour trip, just like they traveled in the "old days," should be very cool.