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Juggling Outfielders

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A few weeks ago, I was worried about Scott Podsednik's slump on both the basepaths and at the plate. Since then he has looked a little better at the plate, but still hasn't seemed himself on the paths. Then he was held out of the last two games with a groin issue. It took them probably a little too long, but they finally decided it was time for Pods to back it off. He may hit the DL this week just to rest up.

But with Pods on the DL, the question has become who to bat in the leadoff position. -- Myself, I would just put Iguchi there, and let Aaron Rowand bat from the #2 slot, but I don't run the team. -- No, the Chicago Tribune points to Willie Harris as the answer in the leadoff spot and LF should Pods land on the DL.

The Sun Times, however, feels that the Sox will make a stronger push for Ken Griffey Jr. to make up for Pods absense.

Trumping both those scenarios is an internet report from a source close to the Charlotte Knights who says that Brian Anderson will get the call later today. It's unclear all of the corresponding moves that would be made to make room for Anderson. -- I've been asking for Anderson to be called up prior to the August 31st deadline for playoff roster implications for a while now.

Anderson is not on the 40-man roster, which is full as of this moment, and would need to be added before his call up. The likely candidates to be dropped are Ryan Wing, who was just claimed a couple months ago, and Frank Thomas, who can be moved to the 60-day DL removing him from the 40-man in the process.

There is a chance that Pods stays with the team and Anderson is up for good anyways. This option would send Jon Adkins back to the minors, and keep our two gimpy outfielders (Pods and Jurassic) from having to play the field, as well as giving us a right handed bat with some pop on the bench down the stretch.

Obviously the story is still developing. Stay tuned.