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Sox vs. Twins -- Contreras vs. Lohse

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Unbelievably, the White Sox and Twins have not played a basbeall game against each other since the move to this URL. Back then, the Twins were just 2.5 games back of the Sox. Right now, the Twins sit 15 games out in third place.

The 13 remaining games with the Twins were supposed to mean something. Instead, they hardly make blip on the radar. Tonight's game is a sellout(the third straight at USCF), but that's largely due to it being half price night. At this point the average Sox fan has shifted their focus from the division rivals to the perenial AL powerhouses NY and Boston.

Minnesota and the Sox share many similar characteristics. Both offenses do nothing to strike fear in the opposing pitcher, but the pitching staffs are among the best in baseball. Expect a low scoring series.

The starters for tonights game are also similar. Jose Contreras and Kyle Lohse are both coming off of possibly the best pitched games of their careers. They are both erratic, and feature similar ERAs.

Perez, LF Uribe, SS Everett, DH Konerko, 1B AJ, C Dye, RF Rowand, CF Blum, 2B Crede, 3B
Worst.Lineup.Ever makes an encore appearence.

Expect to lose 1-0

Brian Anderson is available, though do you really think Ozzie is going to use him ahead of Ozuna?