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Twins sweep Sox

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I'm just saving myself the trouble of actually watching the rest of the Twins series. It is August, and the is the Twins after all.

It was just another August Twins game. One team showed up and played smart team baseball with heart. The other took an inning off on the mound. Made idiotic errors in the field, on the basepaths, and at the plate. You didn't even have to watch the game to know who each team is.

It's hard to believe we still have a 14 game lead on them. You certainly wouldn't have been able to pick the the team with the huge lead if you had only seen tonight's game.

This current team is headed nowhere. That's 8 times in August that we have scored 3 runs or less. We're 6-7 in august, and I can't even remember the last time I even thought of this offense as threatening.

  • Batting Timo in the lead off spot is indefensible. He made 5 outs in 4 plate appearances, raising his season totals to 100 outs in 138 plate appearances. A remarkable 'out percentage' of .724.
  • Batting Uribe, and his .280 OBP, second is misguided at best. The only defense for this is that it seems Uribe is letting the ball get deeper on him, and seeing more pitches. He was 2-3, and looked good in every at-bat. He did the same yesterday. Maybe the move to the second spot and change in approach at the plate will spark a hot streak from him. Lord knows we need one.
  • Jose Contreras looked absolutely filthy for 3 innings. Then came the 4th inning, and absolute meltdown. After lil' Nicky Punto singled, he threw to first 5 times before delivering the second pitch to Joe Mauer. You knew the big inning was in order right there. Contreras would walk Mauer, after Punto stole second easily, and the flood gates were open.
  • Paul Konerko pulled a Carlos Lee, standing in the batters box and watching a would-be double bounce off the outfield wall. He wasn't admiring a HR shot like lee was, rather Konerko thought the ball was going to hook foul. Still, it's a mistake you can't make. He made it even worse when he got hung up between first and second on the play, killing any real chance for a rally.
  • Joey Cora inexplicably sent Joe Crede home from second on a shallow single to center field from Juan Uribe. Crede be thrown out at home, making the third out of the inning. -- You send a guy home in that situation at the end of the game, when your number 8 hitter is due up next, not at the beginning when your number 3 is in the on deck circle.
  • We've been down by 4 runs in each of the last three games. I don't think we were down by 4 runs in many more than three games in the entire first half of the season. And if we were, I at least felt like we could come back then. Right now, I feel like anything more than a 1-run deficit is insurmountable.
  • Remember in the first half, when we seemingly took the first game of every series? Well forget it. We haven't won the first game of a series since July 29th, and that was thanks to Baltimore team who was in a complete free fall.
  • The Kansas City Royals have now lost 16 in a row. Care to guess who their last victory came against? That's right, they beat the Sox (at home!) in back-to-back games on July 26th & 27th.
  • This team is playing bad. period. -- If it wasn't for 3 outstanding pitching performances in NY, we'd be looking at 6 game losing streak, and the wheels completely coming off the bandwagon. -- Perhaps that would be better. Maybe that way Ozzie wouldn't insist on playing Timo over everyone. Maybe Kenny would go out an get somebody to spark this offense. Maybe.