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I told you so

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From the game thread:

[T]he likely winner will be determined by whichever manager blinks first, running out their worst reliever, Jon Adkins or Terry Mulholland.
John Adkins entered the game in the 16th inning. Not coincidently, this was the exact same time when the Sox chances of winning the game went right out the window.

I titled yesterday's recap 'Twins sweep Sox.' Many of you may have scoffed at that, but it's looking pretty likely now. I honestly felt like this team had no fight left in it. They have been terrible since I've gotten back from vacation, falling to 6-8 in August.

Our last victory came almost a week ago, and we scored 2 runs in that game. Let's face it, this is a BAD offense.

But where would he play!?!?