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Swing early and often

Yesterday, the White Sox were shut down by former Sox farmhand Matt Guerrier. You remember him as the arm that brought us Damaso Marte just after the Todd Ritchie deal.

Guerrier pitched 4 innings of scoreless relief last night, during which he faced 15 Sox batters. He gave up just two hits, and walked one. Of the 12 outs he recorded, six -- half of the freakin' out he recorded! -- were on the first pitch.

Guerrier started the 8th inning with a 1-run deficit, so I could somewhat understand if some of the Sox were looking to get out of there in a hurry. After all, there was a new episode of WSOP on ESPN, and they never replay that stuff. In the ninth, tenth, and eleventh innings, however, I have a real problem with 9 guys going up to the plate all trying to be the hero.

It's as if none of these guys even remembers an August-or-later Twins game from the last three years.