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The market that wasn't

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Daily Southtown:

Word was that "K-Will" wanted to make a blockbuster move in the worst way and was frustrated that he couldn't pull it off. Given his track record of deadline deals, that suggests there were money issues involved here.
Is it just me or is Ladewski sounding a lot like Mariotti here? He's somehow is trying to blame the Sox inability to land a big name player at the deadline on the notoriously tight purse strings of the White Sox front office.

I can't remember where I read it -- I think it was part of a Neyer column at ESPN -- anyway, I read that 70% of teams were within 5 games of first place or the Wild Card on July 25th. That means 70% of the clubs were buyers. The other clubs have GMs named Littlefield, Lamar, and O'brien. That should be explanation enough.