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Orioles manager Lee Mazilli:

"It seemed like he was,"[throwing at Surhoff intentionally] said Mazzilli, whose pitchers hit White Sox batters in each of the final two games of the series.

"It looked like it was tit for tat. The thing is the first two [White Sox hit] were not thrown at. The third one [Surhoff] was."


"If there had been warnings issued and I hit a guy, yeah [I would understand], but to go out there and do what they did, and then I hit a guy, and I guess they looked at it as intentional," Buehrle said.


"That [ejection] was shocking. You don't want to hit a guy with two outs and the tying run at first base. They told me they're trying to protect the players and do their job. So do we. They can think what they want.


"I set up for a sinker in and it looked like it slipped out of his hand," Pierzynski said. "It's a shame (Buehrle was tossed) because it cost him his streak."
You gotta love AJ.

Geoff Blum, impressed by the way his new team played the game.

"To say the least, yeah, it was unified," infielder Geoff Blum said. "They got big hits when they needed them, they were sticking up for guys. It was good team baseball. It was fun to watch and fun to be a part of.

"It's been just one day, but they sure are living up to what I had heard."