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Hurray for a Win!

For the first time since August 10th, the White Sox won a game.

For the first time since August 12th, the White Sox scored more than five runs.

And damn, did it feel good.

-Aaron Rowand's homerun swing in the fourth was beautiful. In fact, that whole fourth inning was beautiful. It saw Tadahito Iguchi, Rowand, and Paul Konerko hit back-to-back-to-back homeruns for the first time this season. It saw Jermaine Dye lay down a bunt after the homers on a drawn back Alex Rodriguez. It also saw Juan Uribe go to right field on a perfectly timed hit-and-run.

-Oh, and how could I forget -- you can't beat The Widge™.

-How about Jose Contreras? This start wasn't nearly as good as his last start against New York, but it was still a fine job. He did give up 11 hits, yet only gave up two runs (one earned).

-Don't look now, but in his last six appearances, Damaso Marte has allowed just one hit. He's still a little wild, yet it seems he's becoming more confident in his fastball. More importantly, he's been pitching a lot better against lefties, too.

Unfortunately, Cleveland and Minnesota both won today, so no ground was gained. However, this win today was arguably the biggest victory of the season. Let's hope that today's fourth inning will spark the Sox as they embark on a crucial nine-day, ten-game roadtrip.