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Firefox just crashed on me, and I lost a nice Good News/Bad News post. It's been really fluky lately, so I uninstalled it completely, then reinstalled it. Hopefully that will fix my problems.

  • According to Dan Patrick, the White Sox have voted unanimously not to make up the postponed Boston game on Labor Day. It's currently being reported that we will forfeit the game. -- In all likelihood, this means that should their be any playoff implications Bud Selig would step in and force them to play on the last day of the season. -- This is sure to be a developing controversy, considering it has playoff implications for ESPN's favorite two clubs. Expect the talking heads at the entertainment network to rip into the White Sox for this one.
  • The Cleveland Indians Report, has a nice break down of their remaining schedule. -- The Indians have 15 games left against the Twins, A's, and White Sox. Assuming they split those games 8-7, they would have to go 19-4 in their remaining games against the Blue Jays, Devil Rays, Tigers, and Royals to reach 95 wins. -- We need to play .500 baseball to reach 95 wins. In other words, win half our games, including the ones against Cleveland, and we should be safe.