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Forfeit, Schmorfit

Chicago Tribune:

Player representative Mark Buehrle knew nothing about a newspaper report that the White Sox didn't want to make up their rained-out game at Boston until Gene Orza, chief operating officer of the players union, called him Monday morning.

The report turns out to be pure fiction.

The New York Daily News reported the White Sox "voted unanimously to forfeit" the game, which was the series finale on Aug. 14. Buehrle said in a statement the Sox didn't vote to forfeit.

"We're anxiously awaiting the makeup date," general manager Ken Williams said Monday. "Travel plans have to be made."

The most likely makeup date is Sept. 5.

Under the union contract, teams don't have to play for more than 20 straight days. The White Sox actually don't have a say in the matter because they would play only 20 days in a row if that game is added. The Red Sox would have an issue because they would go over the 20-day mark.