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White Sox @ Twins -- Garcia vs. Santana

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It's amazing what one little victory will do for the psyche. Had the Sox rolled into the Rollerdome on an 8 game losing streak, with the Twins and Indians playing their best baseball of the season, I would have been in full blown panic mode.

That one inning against Randy Johnson and the Yankees sure helped me relax, and I suspect it did the same for the team.

They face off against Johan Santana, who has been downright unbeatable after the All Star break the last three seasons. (from Gleeman)

Santana is 5-1 with a 1.82 ERA since the All-Star break this year, which means he is now 26-2 (yes, twenty-six and two) with a 2.02 ERA in 240 innings after the All-Star break during the past three seasons.
I'm not expecting a victory tonight, but I feel much better about the Sox chances than I did just two days ago.

There are still problems with this club. They have scored in just 3 of the last 44 innings. They have score 1 run in the last 44 innings that didn't come via the HR. They seem to be incapable of striking together a bunch of hits. Yet, I am relatively unconcerned. (That could change, but it won't tonight.)

Maybe my good mood is because of this.