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White Sox @ Twins -- Buehrle vs. Mays

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First of all, let me say this. Last night was nothing to be ashamed of. We all knew that we had our work cut out for us against Santana. -- What the heck does 'work cut out for us' mean anyways? -- The Sox actually did put up a fight. Konerko was laying out ropes. Ozuna was flying all over the diamond. Freddy pitched the game of his life. We lost a close game to a great pitcher, one that won the Cy Young last year.

If that game featured two different teams -- say the Yankees and Red Sox, for example -- it would have immediately been replayed on ESPN Classic. They would deconstruct the defensive gems by both teams. They would go over the pitch sequence for each pitcher. They would tell us that it was the greatest regular season game ever played. Instead, it was a 60-second cut on Sports Center, and completely forgotten about today.

Win or lose, that was a great baseball game last night. There's no shame in losing a game like that.

Tonight, however, with the White Sox throwing their supposed ace and the Twins sending a guy to the mound with a 7.22 ERA since the break, is a different story. If there ever was a must win for a team with a 7 game lead on the division. This is it.

I have absolutely no clue why the Twins are wasting Francisco Liriano on AAA hitters, while they sit just 2.5 games out in the playoff race.

In 79 Triple-A innings, he has over twice as many strikeouts (93) as hits allowed (43).

Yeah, no reason for him to throw in the big leagues when you've got Joe Mays pitching games for you. :roll eyes: -- So be thankful White Sox fans, tonight you should be seeing the Sox flail away at their second straight fireballing lefty, instead they get Cy Mays.

I should point out, as I continue to bash Mays, that he has owned the White Sox during his career. He's posted an 8-3 mark with an ERA of 4.08 ERA in 17 starts against the Sox. That's about 20% better than his career average ERA. So we may be just what he needed too.

As for the line up, I wouldn't mind seeing Pablo Ozuna get another start in Minnesota. Given Ozzie's insistence on playing Ozuna or Timo at the top of the line up, and that Ozuna's game of slap-and-tickle works well on the turf at the rollerdome, he seems to be the better choice to lead off. He was also the one White Sox hitter who actually hit the ball well last night.