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Hitless Wonders

I'm going to keep printing these stats until they go away.

  • The White Sox have scored in 3 of their last 53 innings.
  • They have scored in only 1 of their last 53 innings without the aid of the HR.
  • It's the 24rd of August, and the Sox are batting just .228 as a team in the month. This is not a slump.
  • As a team, the Sox are 3 for their last 36 with RISP.
  • According to Hawk, Freddy Garcia tossed the 60th complete game 1-hitter in White Sox history. It was the first loss in such a game.
  • The last three games have begun with runner on second, nobody out situations. Tadahito Iguchi has struck out all three times. That says it all right there.
They will write books about this team. One way or another this team will be remembered for a long time. They are either going to the be the second coming of the hitless wonders, making a postseason run with an offense straight out of the dead ball era; or they are going to be the biggest collapse in baseball history, the '69 Cubs would have nothing on us. It could go either way at this point. (Though I think you have a pretty good idea where I think this one is headed.)

Update [2005-8-24 2:49:39 by The Cheat]: Merkin at has a correction.

It's the second time in franchise history a White Sox pitcher has lost a one-hitter, with Richard Dotson dropping a 1-0 decision to Baltimore on May 18, 1983, via Dan Ford's home run.