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White Sox @ Twins -- Garland vs. Silva

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Gut check time. Yesterday's game was a must win for me to believe this team had any hope of turning it back around. Today is a must win for me to have any hope for a playoff run. Why? Because today is going to be all about manufacturing a few runs.

Silva throws about three balls that aren't strikes a game, and induces tons of groundballs (It would be a good idea to start Ozuna in this game. Sadly, We'll see Timo need only 4 pitches to make 5 outs in the game.) If Garland can pitch well on the turf, and the offense can scrape together enough runs, I'll be convinced they're back on track.

Perez LF Ford CF Uribe SS Punto 2B Everett DH Mauer C Konerko 1B Morneau 1B Pierzynski C LeCroy DH Dye RF Ryan LF Rowand CF Cuddyer RF Blum 2B Tiffee 3B Crede 3B Bartlett SS