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White Sox Magic Number: 30

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Less than 24 hours after I removed the Magic Number from the sidebar on the left because it had grown stagnant -- It had moved down just one tick in the last week. -- it experienced a virtual free fall tonight. Not only were the Sox able to get their second victory in their last 10 games, but the Indians lost for the first time in a week. Finally, I can relax a little bit.

I'm not going to relax too much though. Last night was the type of game the White Sox are supposed to win. They had their best pitcher on the mound. They were facing a guy, who despite owning them in the past, had posted a 7.22 ERA since the All-Star break. And, the Twins used a line up that featured none of it's regular starting outfield, a lawn ornament for a first baseman, and a DH who had a .500 OPS vs. LHP. -- This would have been one angry post if the Sox had found a way to lose that game.

As it is, it was nice to see the Sox actually string together some hits. After stranding some RISP in the first inning, the Sox ran their RISP drought to 3 for their last 39 before they finally snapped out of it with a 3-for-5 stretch. The 3 runs in the 5th were the first runs not via the HR since the 7th inning last Tuesday. That's a span of over 7 days, and 58 innings. Pitiful.

Tomorrow's game will be a real test. I'm sure they will get some hits, but can they stay away from the double play that Silva is ridiculously good at inducing.

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