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White Sox @ Mariners -- Hernandez vs. Hernandez

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No this in not one of those Bugs Bunny Cartoons where he plays all 9 positions on the field. This is the 19 year old uber-prospect Felix Hernandez facing off against the ageless (I'd guess it's at least 39) Orlando Hernandez. It's the second time in his young major league career that King Felix, as he's known among M's fans, will duel with a player bearing the same sir name.

Felix is the real deal. He has 4 legit plus pitches. His fastball sits in the mid 90's, and he can dial it up to 98. He also has a snap dragon 84MPH curveball, and a change up that the Twins were raving about. His best pitch, however, may be his slider. -- It's a phantom pitch in that hardly anyone has seen him throw one. The M's have been very careful with the development of his arm, and have limited his pitch count and selection, specifically restricting the slider.

ESPN 1000 is reporting that Joe Crede has a hairline fracture in his finger. No decision has been made about whether he will need to be put on the DL or who would take his place. Expect Geoff Blum to get the start at 3B tonight, with Timo Perez leading off.

I'm actually excited to watch the first half of the Bears game tonight. Time to go pick up a pizza.