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White Sox @ Mariners -- Contreras vs. Pinero

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Yesterday was the first time in August that the Sox won the first game of the series. The pitching match-up is one of two enigmas. Will the good Contreras show up or will it be The Count once again. What the heck happened to Joel Pinero? He used to be good.

Perez LF Ichiro RF Iguchi 2B Bloomquist 2B Everett DH Ibanez LF Konerko 1B Sexson 1B Pierzynski C Beltre 3B Dye RF Dobbs DH Blum 3B Torrealba C Uribe SS Betancourt SS Anderson CF Strong CF

Good thing Ozzie is a man of his word.
I'm not going to see if [Anderson] can play or not. I'm not using him, not against right-handed pitchers.