Rooney/Farmer rated Best In AL...

I don't know how I missed this back on July 29, and I didn't see it commented on here.  According to USA Today, our radio guys came in second only to Vin Scully!

With all the Hawk/DJ bashing (by me too!), here's something positive:

Ed Farmer's critics think the White Sox's radio analyst sometimes talks too much. But "Farmio," as his friends call him, had plenty to crow about Thursday.

USA named him and John Rooney the best radio team in the American League. The rankings were based on criteria that included how accurately the game is described, the broadcasters' excitement and the duo's interaction and story-telling.

Farmer and Rooney finished second overall to the Dodgers' team of Vin Scully, Charley Steiner and Rick Monday.

The Cubs' duo of Pat Hughes and Ron Santo finished a stunning 26th out of 30.,1,4331161.story? coll=cs-home-headlines

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