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Sox vs. Jays -- Duque vs. Bush

I'm really excited to see El Duque pitch tonight. I've only seen one of his 3 starts since coming back off the DL, but the reports I have read indicate that he's finally healthy.

David Bush has been throwing very well as of late for the Jays also.

Should be a good one.

Taking advantage of the final day of the free trial over at Baseball Prospectus

Scott Podsednik has taken a couple days off to "keep his legs fresh." That, to many of you, sounds like he has some sort of injury. A quick check with my Sox source tells me that Podsednik and the team are taking advantage of their big divisional lead to get their regulars some extra rest. Podsednik does have some soreness and fatigue, but nothing beyond what you'd expect from a player who's two-thirds of the way into the season. Expect Podsednik--and the rest of the Sox--to slow down on the basepaths through much of August.