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White Sox: Roster Moves:: Titanic: Deck Chairs

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OK that's overstating it a bit. I don't think we're going down like the Titanic, but we are undeniably struggling right now, and I doubt any of these moves are going to change that.


Scott Podsednik -- Removed from DL
Jeff Bajenaru -- Better than Adkins

Brian Anderson -- Will be back on 9/1
Jon Adkins -- I still don't know why he was ever here.


Brandon McCarthy -- We need a starter. He's the best choice

Jeff Bajenaru -- Sacrificial lamb -- Will be back the next day.

9/1 or after

Brian Anderson
Willie Harris -- Takes Crede's place
Ross Gload -- Should have been up all season.
Jeff Bajenaru
Arnie Munoz? -- Maybe one more lefty in the pen

Joe Crede -- Headed to the DL

I'm glad I didn't get to watch most of the last two games. I did listen to both, and saw parts of both of them though.

Yesterday's radio broadcast was one of the worst I've heard from John and Ed in a long time. They both sounded defeated in the first inning of the game. When they weren't taking pot shots at Buck Schowalter, they were complaining about the lighting at the ballpark and in the booth, or insinuating that the Rangers were cheating. -- Apparently Mark Buehrle agrees with the cheating part.

The only part of the game I saw was bottom of the 8th to the end. -- Bajenaru looked alright. I thought he got away with a couple hanging sliders, but the results were better than Adkins. Uribe had a nice day at the plate.