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More Junior Denials

From the Dayton Daily News:

Reds GM Dan O'Brien

"My reaction is short and sweet," said O'Brien. "Throughout July we had no conversations with Griffey or his agent about his 10-and-5 status, and that says it all. We were consistent in indicating we wanted to keep our outfield intact, and that's where it stands."

From the Chicago Tribune:

Kenny Williams

"It's not good to kiss and tell," Williams said. "I'm not going to comment on this. There are some matters that should remain private with the clubs. We try to abide by that on a consistent basis."
Not a Denial.
"It's easy to come up with rumors," Williams said between a pause and a sip of coffee while standing in the Sox's dugout. "One of the reasons it's easy to come up with rumors about us is because we're always trying to improve in ways that can put us over the top."
Not quite a denial, but getting close.

So does this all mean that a future deal for Junior, who's almost assured of clearing waivers with his hefty contract, is completely dead?


"[But] as we move forward, I don't think [anything] can materialize, at least at this juncture."


"I heard the White Sox were interested in me, and that's a very good team," said Griffey. "But ... spring training in Tucson?"

It's not just a river in Egypt anymore.