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Thank You, Studes

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Yesterday, I had to opportunity to take in the Sox/Jays game from just a few rows behind the Jays' dugout. Studes, from Hardball Times and Baseball Graphs, had a few extras and needed some help getting rid of them. -- Cheat to the rescue! -- So anyway, we ended up with quite the motley crew. Joining Studes and myself were Vince (Exile in Wrigleyville), Keith (CWSKeith), and a couple of guys from, none of whom I'd ever met in person before.

I don't want to insult the guys who I usually go to the games with, but it was a nice change of pace to sit with a group of fans who are every bit as fanatical about this team as I am.


  • Studes being surprised at the reception he received when he announced that he was a Mets fan. I think he was expecting us to reject him him for the simple fact that he wasn't a Sox fan. But, com'on, a Mets fan. We know what that's like.
  • Vince, who seemed to have at least half of the players in the game on his fantasy squad, lamenting Rowand's lack of power this season seconds before he hits a 3-run HR in the first inning.
  • Everyone mockingly giving Timo credit for Iguchi's HR. -- He must have whispered some ancient Japanese proverb in Gooch's ear just before the AB.
  • Our collective disbelief that Dustin Hermanson, who hasn't been striking guys out at all this season, breezed through the 9th 1-2-3 while striking out the side.
All in all it was great outing. I had a great time in some great seats, (You could catch an occasional glimpse of us when there was a left handed batter in the box.) and most importantly, it was a White Sox Winner!

Thanks again, Studes.