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Positive attendance news & a slumping Pods

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It's rare that you ever see anything positive regarding the Sox attendance in the mainstream media. King Kauffman, who writes King Kauffman's Sports Daily for, is a rare exception. I was so impressed with his recent column that I did something I'm rarely ever compelled to do. -- I wrote him an email. It wasn't even one of those explicative filled rants; it was a thank you email.

I just wanted to say thank you for your latest article. It's so rare that anyone in the media actually writes anything about the White Sox attendance, or USCF in general, that's even the slightest bit objective. It always seems like they have an axe to grind.

It's refreshing that you actually looked at the numbers before adding [to] the garbage heap of wasted copy.

Thanks again. I'll be sure to get a link up to your article on my blog.

The Cheat

So what was it that was so profound that King had to say? He actually took time to look at the numbers.

[ is a premium site, but it allows a daily pass for access by watching a small ad. Please take the time to watch the add and read the article.]

Here's the White Sox's average attendance since then, through Thursday night:

Rest of May: 27,621
June: 29,668
July: 34,417
August: 30,768 (three dates)
Since All-Star break: 35,089

OMG!!! actual data that backs up his thesis.
Want to see what winning does? Look what happens when non-marquee teams come in. The Detroit Tigers visited for a three-game weekend series at the end of April, and the average crowd was 23,121. Detroit came in again for three midweek games in mid-July. Average crowd: 35,903.

Even better: The White Sox drew an average of 13,487 for a three-game midweek series against the Kansas City Royals in early May. In late June, another midweek three-game series with K.C. drew an average of 29,032.

Winning even trumps ticket price. Monday games at U.S. Cellular Field are half-price. The first two, on April 18 and May 16, drew 27,018 and 26,889, good crowds. But starting with the next half-price night, on May 30, the Sox have never failed to draw at least 33,000

Solid reasoning!?!?! There is no place for this in the mainstream media. Revoke his membership. IMMEDIATELY!

Tonight's game is sold out. Only limited tickets are available for Saturday and Sunday (Scout Seats baby!)

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Scott Podsednik is slumping. BAD. I just wanted to guage how everyone here felt about it. There is a new poll at right. Use this thread to place your thoughts on the poll.