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White Sox Blog -- Sox vs. M's -- Buehrle vs. Moyer

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Pods, LF
Iguchi, 2B
Rowand, CF
Konerko, 1B
Crede, DH
Perez, RF
Blum, 3B
Uribe, SS
I'm flabbergasted that we've had two straight days without Everett, and we've yet to see a Timo appearence. This, of course, means that I will see the Sunday Line Up™ tomorrow when I'm in attendance.

It's time for a dominating Buehrle performance, and for him to start a new streak. We haven't seen a signature Buehrle outing in a long time. I'm beginning to get worried.

Ichiro! owns Mark Buehrle. He's .500/.500 /.583 in 24 ABs against him. That's the perfect antidote to his recent offensive slump.