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Stitch 'n Pitch

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Because I know most of my readers are 40 plus year old females who love to knit, I bring you this nugget. (via Gapers Block)

It may not sound like fun with the thermostat stuck on "way too f'in hot", but by September 20th it should be perfect knitting weather. Inspired by the Seattle Mariners Stitch 'n' Pitch nights, Brenda Janish (Chicago's designated knitter) of the local Stitch 'n' Bitch group has teamed up with a White Sox marketing guy to set aside a few hundred specially priced ($12--woot!) tickets so local knitters can drink beer, eat nachos and knit sox. You've got till September 6th to order your tickets(pdf) by mail or fax. And more importantly, you've got just a little over a month to knit a White Sox beer cozy. Tickets may also be purchased online (a $4 per ticket service fee will apply to all online orders). To order online, go to, click on "Schedule" and then on "T" in the September 20 box. On the order page, type SNP in the promotion code box.
Myself, I'd knit one of those cushioned seat covers for those uncomfortable bleachers seats.