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White Sox Blog -- Sox @ Yanks -- Duque vs. Moose

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As much as I like El Duque's knee-to-the-chin wind up, I equally loathe Mike Mussina's drinking bird motion. Can you imagine the damage that watching tonight's game will do to a little league pitcher?

The Yankees are the last American League team that we have yet to play this season. In case you haven't noticed, Jason Giambi is back, and maybe better than ever. He leads the AL in OPS (Alex Rodriguez is #2). Not surprisingly, the Yanks have one heckuva offense. They rank third in all of baseball in OPS and runs scored. Their problem has been the inconsistency in the pitching staff, which ranks 23rd in baseball.

Ozzie is not impressed:

"Everybody talks about caliber," Guillen said. "I think Cleveland has a better team than New York right now."