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John Rooney and the Score

John Rooney, the White Sox play-by-play voice on ESPN 1000, appears to be at a crossroads as the Sox move their broadcast down the dial to WSCR.

"John's contract is up this year and we anticipate getting something done with the Sox," said Steve Mandell, Rooney's Chicago-based agent. "They say they would love to have him back, so we've been talking. We'll see. The Sox are having a huge year, so the focus is staying on the success of the team."

Sox management and WSCR executives will make the decision on the team's play-by-play man for next season. Rooney has teamed with color analyst Ed Farmer for the past 14 years and an Internet site recently acknowledged them as the best radio team in the American League.

"There is a longstanding relationship with the Sox," Mandell said. "I don't anticipate a lot of changes, but we will have to go through the process."

I can't imagine listening to a Sox game on the radio without Rooney behind the mike.