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September 1st is the first day that teams can expand their active rosters to include anyone on the 40-man roster. It's the time of year that teams reward their prospects for good seasons with a month on the big league roster and an occasional at-bat or inning pitched. So what big name prospects are due up today for the White Sox?

Raul Casanova, Ross Gload, and David Sanders.

  • Casanova is a 33 year old Catcher who posted a .266/.325/.489 at Charlotte. -- It's unclear to me why the Sox made the choice to call him up over Jamie Burke, who has done everything this organization has asked of him, including play second base since Willie Harris left Charlotte.
  • Gload is probably about the White Sox 6th best bat right now. That's the type of production you would think would garner you significant playing time. Not for Gload. He toiled away this season in AAA posting a .369/.420/.661 line, while Timo Perez was leading off in Chicago with a .225/.273/.306. But it's OK, it's not like we've been in need of offensive help or anything. -- I should be excited that Gload finally got the call up, but I'm sure that he'll just rot on the bench buried behind Timo Perez.
  • David Sanders is a lefty reliever whose only discernible skill is being left handed.
In a few days the Sox will get a few more useful pieces in Brian Anderson and Jeff Bajenaru, but since they were recently sent down, they have to wait until the conclusion of their season on September 5th to get the call.

I don't know if I can put into words how underwhelmed I am by the call ups. Casanova and Sanders aren't even on the 40-man roster right now, so they'll have to be added, and someone else will need to be removed (most likely Ryan Wing). To put that another way, in the past year, any team in baseball could have had Sanders and Casanova, but none bothered to make an effort to get them. No team in baseball would carry these two on their 40-man roster, yet here we are in the middle of a division race, making the stretch drive, with them not only on the 40-man roster, but being called up so they can get playing time.