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Stretch Drive

Time for some optimism. I know it's been sorely lacking around here for quite some time, but hey, so has the Sox offense.

By my count, the Sox have 31 games remaining on the schedule. Their magic number sits at 24. That means any combination of Sox victories and Indians defeats that adds up to 24 over the next month clinches the Central Division for the Sox.

The Sox remaining schedule breaks down like this.

# of games - opponent (17 home/14 away)
8 - Detroit (4/4)
7 - Minnesota (4/3)
6 - Kansas City(3/3)
6 - Cleveland (3/3)
3 - LA Angels (3/0)
1 - Boston (0/1)
If the playoffs started today, only Boston would make the postseason. Obviously Cleveland and the Angels are playoff caliber teams, but no one is guaranteed a playoff berth.

I see:

  • 13 games against teams with bad offenses (KC & Minny). We should win 2/3 of those games.
  • 8 games against a sub .500 team (Detroit). We should win more than half of those.
  • 10 games against playoff caliber teams. If we've taken care of business against the non-playoff teams, any win in these games will be gravy.