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White Sox Magic Number: 24

The magic number inched a tick lower yesterday, but it had nothing to do with the White Sox play on the field. No, the Sox lost. Again. Turning in a dismal August record of 12-16. The Magic Number only decreased because the Indians lost to the Tigers, who visit for a 4 game set later today.

In the month of August, the offense scored just 98 runs in 28 games. That works out to just 3.5 runs per game. Even the best pitching staff in baseball is going to have trouble winning with that offense. The pitching staff allowed 119 runs, though only 104 were earned. That works out to an ERA of 3.65. -- While some may point to the pitching staff as part of our decline, It just not the case. August's ERA is similar to the one posted in the first three months (3.13, 3.68, & 3.45 respectively) when they were winning 17+ games a month, and better than the July ERA of 4.34 when they were winning 15 games.