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White Sox vs. Angels -- Garland vs. ???

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The last game I vividly remember Bartolo Colon pitching at USCF was in 2003 against the Giants. You'll recall it as the game where Colon was dealing for the first 8 innings, striking out Barry Bonds in his first three appearences. Then Barry came up in the 9th. Ouch.

We won't have to worry about seeing a repeat of that today. It's unclear who will get the start today for the Angels. Tub 'O Goo has a back issue. (Is anyone surprised?)

This was moved from an original start time of 6PM to the Noon slot to accomodate a more National audiecne on FOX. Garland vs. Colon would have been billed as a game to decide the Cy Young. Oh well.

The best cure for the hangover from yesterday's bad loss is to come through with a big win 15 hours later.

Drive for 100
The Sox would need to go 13-9 in their final 22 games to reach 100 wins, a mark they've reached only once in their history(1917).