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Feelin' Green

I told myself that I wasn't going to write a post until I woke up in the morning. I would have been cooled off then. I'm not going to be able to get to sleep right now anyway, so here it goes.

  • I don't ever want to see Geoff Blum start a game at 1B again. He has logged more innings at 1B in just 2 months with the Sox than he has in any other season of his career. -- There's a reason for that. He doesn't have the bat to justify putting him at a power position. He makes the team weaker by playing him there.

  • Ross Gload got his last two plate appearances in a White Sox uniform last night. Ideally, he would be Konerko's back up at first, but it seems that the organization is looking for any reason at all not to play him. -- The two outs he made late in the game should be justification enough for Ozzie.

  • Bobby Jenks is the only Sox pitcher who pitched with any cajones the past two days.

  • The Sox have played 17 innings of extra-inning baseball at home this season. During those 17 innings, they have scored only 1 run. -- That one run came on a Frank Thomas home run to tie it in the 10th inning against Cleveland. -- The current Sox roster has plated exactly ZERO runs in extra innings at home, when just one run would win the game -- Isn't that exactly what 'OzzieBall' was supposed to take care of?

  • Right now, there are only two Sox batters who appear to have a plan at all when they go to the plate. Juan Uribe Paul Konerko. It should come as no surprise that they combined to go 6-10 with 2HR and 2 doubles on the night. Uribe should have had the winning RBI if only...

  • Aaron Rowand led off the 11th with a walk. Can I ask where Scott Podsednik was? The bench is full of outfielders. Borchard, Anderson, and Pods were still available. -- When Jermaine Dye was unable to move Rowand in scoring position, the move had to be made. (This is not hindsight. I was calling for Pods because we needed the SB.) Rowand got the SB, but that extra step Pods may have over Rowand sure would have come in handy on the next play right?

  • Carl Everett. Throw inside breaking balls at his feet, and he'll chase them every time. -- During Gload's AB in the 12th, I commented that Gload better get on, because Iggy and Carl were going down on 3 pitches a piece. Then Gload struck out on a breaking ball down and in. -- I turned two my dad, who was watching the game with me, and said "Carl will strike out on one pitch if K-Rod throws him that."

  • It's still been since July 30th since the Sox have come back from a multi-run deficit to win a game. That's pitiful.

  • If there is one silver lining to the night it's that, in light of Buehrle's poor performance, Brandon McCarthy should now be in line for a few starts down the stretch. -- Mark will probably blame his performance on 'tipping pitches' or something else though.