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Duque Shelled; Sox Swept

This just isn't going to come easy, huh? It can't just be a fairytale ending where the Sox maintain the ten game lead throughout September and clinch a good 15 days before October starts.

But no, this is Chicago, so even if the Sox do win the division, it won't be till every Sox fans' fingernails are reduced to nothing.

Today, again, was another poor effort. The game was over before most fans were in there seats, as, sitting down the third-base line behind the Anahiem dugout (I was at the game, obviously), I watched El Duque surrender three first-inning homers, probably should have been four.

The Sox had chances to make this game a little closer, but no White Sox player could come up with a hit with runners in scoring position.

No player profiles today, but...

-Juan Uribe needs to be moved up in the order, ASAP. He is the best hitter currently on the Sox. I'd like to see a lineup that has Uribe/Iguchi hitting third, and Rowand hitting second. I don't know why, maybe I'm dead wrong on this, but I really like Rowand hitting in the #2 or #3 spot in the order.

-Brandon McCarthy needs to be starting every fifth day. And, if he continues to pitch well, he needs to be put in the playoff rotation. He's pitched about 20 innings now, and has given up two runs, one on a homer to Vlad Guerrero; certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Ozzie, don't go on a spaz telling me that he's not Roger Clemens, 'cause neither are Jon Garland or Mark Buehrle.

-Dear Minnesota Twins. My weekend, for the most part, has sucked (and it probably comes off that way in this post). The Bears lost, the Sox got knocked around. My only happiness has come from a Northwestern victory and a dominating performance by 'Detroit Sucks', my fantasy football team. Please, beat the crap out of Cleveland on Sunday Night Baseball, to make my weekend just a little bit more pleasant. Love, Keith.