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White Sox @ Royals -- Contreras vs. Wood

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The White Sox best pitcher (I'm now contractually obligated to continue calling him that) tries to snap the Sox 4-game losing streak. He faces off against Mike Wood, who we made look like Cy Young in his last start, a 1-0 loss at USCF.

Damaso Marte, who was told to go home on Sunday after showing up late, didn't bother to board the team plane to Kansas City. -- I wouldn't expect to see Damaso throwing any more innings for the home team on the south side.

Update [2005-9-13 18:15:13 by The Cheat]: ESPN 1000 is now reporting that Marte will either be suspended, or put on the DL for the remainder of the season.

Jose Contreras (11-7, 3.88) (-160) vs. Mike Wood (4-6, 3.68)