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White Sox @ Royals -- Garcia vs. Howell

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Just last week, we saw this same match up with mind-numbingly brutal results. This is the third time the Sox will face Howell this season.

Crazy Carl doesn't believe in demotions.

"There are people who have done worse than I do," Everett said. "... I've played the least amount of games out of the regulars, but I'm right up there with their numbers, if you're into numbers. But I'm not into that.

"I've been around a while. I'm not a guy who is going to be upset by one at-bat. ... I don't call anything a slump. That's for people who don't play to call it a slump."

A few weeks ago, many of you would have called me crazy if I had suggested batting Juan Uribe in Carl's place, but their season numbers are remarkably similar. Uribe actually has more extra-base hits than Carl.
Season AVG OBP SLG Carl Everett .252 .307 .446 Juan Uribe .264 .308 .429
Carl insists he's not slumping... Um, I guess he's not paying attention to those 'numbers.'
Post All-Star AVG OBP SLG Carl Everett .222 .294 .394 Juan Uribe .288 .348 .495
Yeah, a sub-.700 OPS isn't slumping. UGH!