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White Sox Magic Number: 13

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It started off predictably enough. Runner on third, less than two outs. No runs cross the plate. I was thinking to myself "Self, here we go again." -- But this was different. After all, this was the Royals.

Things were so different, in fact, that Scott Podsednik lead off the game with a triple. That's right, the Sox speed demon is now tied with other well known speedsters such as Kenny Rogers, Matt Stairs, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz with 1 three-bagger.

The Sox rebounded from stranding Podsednik at third base with nobody out in the first by putting together three consecutive two out rallies. -- In the 4th inning, with Mike Wood looking like Cy Young yet again, Aaron Rowand hit what appeared to be an innocuous 2-out double. Wood would unravel after not getting a 3rd strike call on the next batter, Jermaine Dye, and the wheels came off. A.J. Pierzynski got his first hit and RBI since the birth of his daughter, and Juan Uribe got a gift double on what should have been a routine flyball to left field. That quickly the Sox had regained the lead 3-1, and Wood was gone for good.

The Sox would add two-out runs in the 5th and 6th to run the lead to 5-1, but Contreras would falter in the bottom half of the frame. He wasn't in full-blown meltdown, but he was walking guys and letting runs score on wild pitches. It was the type of performance that doesn't instill a whole bunch of confidence in you. I'll overlook it because he has been the Sox best pitcher in the second half.

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Damaso Marte: Professional Pain in the Neck

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With Marte pitching his last game ever in a White Sox uniform, Brandon McCarthy is all but assured of making the playoff roster. Unfortunately, Guillen will stick with Orlando Hernandez for his next scheduled start against the Twins and Johan Santana. Mercifully, the game is not being televised in the Chicago area.

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Rick Morrissey is drunk, or high, or just being blackmailed by Mike North to say good things about him. Whatever it is, I don't want what he's smoking. It's definitely too strong for me.

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Finally, SportsBlogs continues to expand it's collection of excellent blogs. This time we're adding a completely new sport. Matt Bernhardt, who ran Bulls Blog, has joined the team with Blogabull, SBNation's first basketblog.