The kids can play - next year - for 8,500 people a night

Flush this piece of crap team immediately -
We need to start fresh, and admit that we'll never win anything and just accept our fate. We should just occasionally drop by the ballpark to see some real major league teams beat our weak, sick asses.

Our big 3 pitchers suck ass now, and were just overachieving earlier in the year. This was John Garland's career year and he still won't get to 18 wins, needing only 5 for the whole second half of the season (post all star break, anyway)
Mark Buerhle is a 15 win pitcher, period. He hasn't won more than 2 games since the allstar break. Freddie Garcia has only won once in his last 5 starts, and pitched well enough to win in just that one. When Frank Thomas went down for the year, so did our season, and it never should have come down to that. Sox ownership is still cheap as hell. We never should have gotten rid of Carlos Lee. This argument that says we needed to dump his salary to pay Pierzynski, Dye, El Puque, Hermanson and a bag of balls, AKA Scott (CS) Clodsednick is just another example of how low our expectations are. Milwaukee would have taken a low level minor-leaguer like Jon Adkins for Podsednick and his 22 RBIs and 240 batting average (last year). That dickhead actually hit into a double play to wipe out a potential rally in the 9th with the Sux down 2. He can use his speed to run the hell out of Chicago fast after the Sox last game of the year on October 3rd.

Joey Cora needs to be tarred, feathered and run out on a rail, along with Greg Walker, Harold Baines, and especially Guillen. Our 'No-Brain' trust has pissed away more games than Bush has pissed away tax payers money. Everett got picked off third to end a scoring threat after a run was already in. Cora is a one man Bermuda triangle!  I remember a game this year where Podsednick even failed to score on a fairly deep caught line drive because he spaced and didn't tag up. We had a 1-run lead in that game at the time and wound up losing, to Toronto back in mid-August.  

It seems so long ago that AJ hit that bomb to beat Yhency Brazoban and the Dodgers in that specatular Saturday night game, easily the highlight of my season. That team is so gone it's as if they never existed. Definitely pretenders and not contenders.
Their downfall started by losing 2-3 from the Cubs at home, and since then, they are barely 500. I knew the Cubs would screw us this year one way or the other.

I gotta run, but here's next year's team -
C - M Olivo (we'll get him back cheap from SD
1B Paulie - (We'll just appease the dumb fans)
2B Iguchi - I like this guy, even if he is a    space case sometimes
3B Crede/Ozuna - They're cheap
SS - Uribe/Ozuna - They're cheap too
LF Podsednik/Anderson
CF Rowand/Anderson
RF Joe Borchard (they'll get value out of him no matter what, because they paid a lot once)

There ya go, our 2006 Wimp Sux

I'm out

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