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Joe Crede: Betamax Fiend

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It seems that Joe Crede took advantage of his time on the DL. Instead of rehabbing his broken finger through hours of playing Halo on the XBox, Crede headed to the video vault and took a look at his swing.

"I quieted my stance, raised my hands up and tried to keep it quiet and simple."
The results speak for themselves.
5 game hitting streak.
4 doubles, 1 home run.
3 walks, 0 strike outs.
.500/.579/.938 line since his return.

It's a little early to say if the results are just a product of small sample size, but I know I've seen him pop up a lot less since his return. The 5 extra-base hits since he came off the DL are more than Geoff Blum has in his entire tenure on the South Side, so at the very least, it's nice to have Blum's bat and 'defense' back on the bench where it belongs.