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Projected matchups

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Monday, September 19 -- Garcia vs. Millwood
Tuesday, September 20 -- Buehrle vs. Westbrook
Wednesday, September 21 -- Garland vs. Elarton
Thursday, September 22 -- McCarthy vs. Santana
Friday, September 23 -- Contreras vs. Lohse
Saturday, Setpember 24 -- Garcia vs. Radke
Sunday, September 25 -- Buehrle vs. Liriano

Up until this point is pretty much set in stone. Lohse and Elarton are the only two below average starters on that list, and they have both been pitching extremely well of late.

After Sunday it gets a little fuzzy as to who we'll be facing. Detroit has a double header between now and then, but they also have an off day, so they should be on a 5 man rotation. Cleveland could shorten their rotation to give Sabathia, Millwood, and Westbrook more starts. The Sox could also shorten their rotation to skip McCarthy/Duque if the division got really tight.

Monday, September 26 -- Garland vs. Detroit
Tuesday, September 27 -- ? vs. Detroit
Wednesday, September 28 -- Conreras vs. Detroit
Thursday, September 29 -- Garcia vs. Detroit
Friday, September 30 -- Buehrle vs. Cleveland
Saturday, October 1 -- Garland vs. Cleveland
Sunday, October 2 -- ? vs. Cleveland