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Borrowing an idea from Sickels....

Over at Minor League Ball, John Sickles has named players of the year for the different leagues in the Minor League system. Being the innovative and unique thinker that I am, I figured that I could give the same rewards for the Sox system. But I'm gonna only do one at a time, and I figure if I forget, which may happen, Cheat will probably pick up the slack.

These awards are based on individual performance, and not prospect status!

Charlotte Knights (International League)

Position Player: Jorge Toca gets this one by a nose over Brian Anderson and Roosevelt Brown. I felt that his power numbers pushed him over Brown and fewer strikeouts pushed him over Anderson. That being said, I'll take Brian in a heartbeat.

Starting Pitcher: Brandon McCarthy. No surprises here. Though not spectacular, he got the job done, which is much better than any other starter. When Arnie Muñoz has the next best numbers with an 8-14 record and a 4.27 ERA, it doesn't take much.

Closer: Jeff Bajenaru. No brainer here, also. Josh Fields among others solidified the bullpen towards the end of the year, handing it off to Bajenaru and his sub-2 ERA.