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White Sox vs. Indians -- Garcia vs. Millwood

Freddy Garcia fancies himself a big game pitcher. Well, you won't find many bigger regular season contests than this one. -- Though the rest of the season may be nothing but big games if he doesn't pitch well tonight -- Kevin Millwood enters the game as the AL ERA leader, and has allowed a total of just 3 runs in his 3 starts against the Sox this season.

The Sox hold a tenuous 3.5 game lead on the Central and 5 games over the Yankees in the Wild Card. If they take two of three from the tribe, the Central is pretty much wrapped up. -- As it stands, if the Sox win 5 of their remaining 14 games (5-9) the Yankees would have to go 10-4 just to force a 1 game playoff for the Wild Card. -- Let's win tonight, and take care of business.