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Suckiest Bunch of Sucks That Ever Sucked

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  • Freddy pitched the first three innings like he was afraid of the strike zone
  • Sox batters fail to put anything together the first time through the order.
  • They only put together a rally thanks to a Podsednik-like fielding play by Casey Blake.
  • Jurassic ensures that he will continue to swing for the fences at every opportunity by putting the Sox ahead. -- Intermittent Reward -- Look for him to strike out in 15 of his next 20 at-bats.
  • Ozzie calls on two relievers in the 8th who can't find the strike zone, the second of which wasn't even on the team at this time last week.
  • Pablo Ozuna gets to second base with nobody out in a one-run game. Jermaine Dye fails to get him over. Aaron Rowand and Juan Uribe fail to get him in.
  • Paul Konerko pops up a meatball of a pitch while representing the winning run to end the game.