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White Sox Magic Number: 22

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  • Two straight games with victories by 8 or more runs.
  • Averaging almost 7 runs a game for the last six.
  • Willie Harris hitting a HR.
  • Juan Uribe getting on base 2 times a game for the last three.
Is the offense finally waking up?
Juan Uribe</A> takes a HR trot
Juan Uribe takes a HR trot

I can't get over how good Juan Uribe has looked at the plate lately. I had commented about it (though I can't seem to locate it) back in the middle of August, but the results weren't there. I think we're finally starting to see the results.

Hawk and DJ were noting his front leg during the broadcast tonight. It was something that I hadn't noticed before. He's employing an Iguchi-like leg lift with his front leg, keeping his weight back, and preventing him from pulling off the ball. If Juan Uribe gets hot, he can carry this team into the playoffs. We saw him break out of the gate last year, let's hope he can do the same for us down the stretch.